About Us

SA Bamboo and finishing works P.L.C is a company based in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa which has been operating since 2012 G.C and its sales have grown exponentially. The company is well known for the production and sales of different bamboo products.

The company founder, Mr. Addisu Hailu identified the need to expand the company’s production capacity to meet this high level of demand. As a result, we have sales outlets in the city and also we engage in exporting our products to abroad.

  • diamond


    To build long term relationships with our customers, clients and provide exceptional customer goods by purchasing business through innovation and providing variety of bamboo products.

  • target


    To provide quality bamboo products that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed customers.

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    We build products we believe in.

We Provide the Best Bamboo products Since from 10 Years

We are equipped to handle the entire supply chain from bamboo farm to product manufacturing and delivery.  Buyers are guaranteed of quality products at competitive prices and delivered on time.

Our product s prices are reasonable and affordable.


Why Choose Us

We  give you the opportunity to make a difference as well as giving you the choice of using products that are non-toxic, BPA-Free, 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. Helping consumers make more conscious decisions with stylish products, built to last.